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Are you ready? You’ve dreamt of this chance to bring about real change in your world, to unleash your gifts. You’ve prepared for this; clearing your energies, expanding, forgiving, and allowing your Soul to lead. If you're ready to step into your power without being dominated or manipulated by others...


And if you are choosing 2024 as the year to co-create a life worth living with your whole Soul, ROAR is what you’ve been waiting for. Imagine confidently expressing your ideas, captivating your audience, and leaving an unforgettable impression. Whether you're an entrepreneur, master healer, or creative soul, your voice is the melody that will set you apart in the symphony of success.
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Magically Gifted, Aligned, Deep, Quick and No BS


Thursday, September 26th and Friday, September 27, 2024 at The Castle in Tarrytown, NY


There are several pieces to unleash the power of your voice:

  • Your Vision – You require a crystal clear vision of who you are, what you “do”, who you serve, and most importantly, what you want to experience in this world.
  • Your Sacred Purpose – A deep understanding and knowing of your sacred purpose will keep you going in those times when “nothing” seems to be happening in your vision becoming tangible.
  • Your Internal Roadmap – You need to understand where you believe there are limitations and how to continuously move through them. You need tools that allow you to shift your vibration, so it aligns with your vision. You also need to understand where your energetic leaks are in your business and how to stop them so you can create more success in your life and business.
  • Your External Roadmap – You need to know how to break down your vision into specific, achievable, relevant Divinely inspired actions.
  • A Divine and Human Support Team – Nothing gets done in this world without the Divine and humans. How do you connect with your Divine support team? How do you find community members, clients, associates, friends, and stakeholders to support you and your vision?
  • The Ability to Tap into the Forces of The Universe – Most of us don’t have a sustainable, repeatable, and reliable structure to utilize the forces of the Universe and we tend to be adrift in our manifestation process.

Unleash Your Power!

I have been creating, collocating, and teaching these pieces for the last sixteen years, and now in a two-day workshop called: ROAR – Unleash Your Power. Find Your Voice and Soar to Success. I will be teaching all of these pieces at once.

The result of this 2-day in-person workshop is both an internal and external structure and process to bring your vision into reality so you can stop worrying about whether it will happen and experience the results of doing good in the world. Be prepared to get your hands dirty because we will be pulling apart your business and creating a more tangible and sustainable enterprise.


You Will Walk Away With...

  • A written statement of your sacred purpose so you can easily share that with others
  • A written vision so you can compare your “tasks” and opportunities to see if they align with your vision
  • An external roadmap of your vision – this are tangible steps to bring your vision into reality
  • A personalize manifestation process that resonates with you and is repeatable
  • A deeper knowledge of your Divine support team and a more profound connection with your higher power
  • A structure to know and attract your human support team
  • New and deeper relationships with individuals who see and hear you (and get you)
  • A feeling of being rejuvenated, rested, and passionate about your business

Your ROAR Facilitator

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Your Guide

Jennifer Urezzio is the founder of Soul Language – a paradigm that puts tangibility to Soul so a conscious connection can be established to enable crystal clear decisions for success. Jennifer is also a master intuitive and the author of two best-selling books. Currently, she has trained over 30 practitioners worldwide in Soul Language. Currently, there are over 5,000 individuals all over the world connecting to their Soul Languages.

My Promise

I will not be selling anything at this event. We have all been there to events where they make that promise and then comes the offer. This is a content driven event and I'm mission is to provide you with nurturing, expanding and content that generates wealth in your life and your business.


How Will You Be Spending Your Time at ROAR...

Day 1

You Are Your Vision

(Morning) Session 1: Understanding the Players in Your Universe

Deepen your relationship with your Divine support team so you can stop under-utilizing this resource to create tangibility in your life.

Session 2: How Your Sacred Purpose Defines Your Vision

Understand the difference between purpose and delivery systems for yourself and for others.

(Afternoon) Session 3: Creating A Crystal-Clear

Draft your vision and create the structure for your repeatable manifestation process.

Session 4: How To Co-Create with the Universe

Define your internal and external roadmaps to bring your vision to life.

Day 2

Your Vision is Your Voice

(Morning) Session 1: Laser Coaching

Participants will receive direct support from Jennifer to refine their purpose and vision.

Session 2: Unleashing Your Voice

Realign with your expression with your vision so you naturally connect with your community.

(Afternoon) Session 3 and 4: Putting It All Together

Put all the parts to together so you can start the real-world implementation process.

This Is For You If...

  • You want to be of service in a big way
  • You are on the cusp of greatness
  • You want more in your business
  • You want to be seen and heard in a bigger way

"Jennifer is an expert at getting to the core of the blocks keeping me from communicating with the deepest part of myself. I now have clear tools for Soul connection and direction!"

-Trisha Schmalhofer

"Jennifer is one of the most intuitive people I know. My session with her left me feeling grounded and on purpose. I was at ease and at peace in a way that I didn't even realize I needed. I will be going back for another session for sure and would highly recommend her to anyone who is on a quest to discover their purpose."

- Jen Coken

"Jennifer is a blast to work with. Her style is on-point and no-nonsense with a heavy dash of intuitive brilliance. I enjoyed our time together and appreciate her positive spin on all things soulful."

- Tam Veilleux
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Unleash Your Power. Find Your Voice and Soar to Success.

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