It’s your Purpose - no one else gets to define it for you.

You walk through life open, daring, brave, seeking, striving - you’re hungry for answers to Life’s Big Questions and yearning to make an impact. So, why do you feel so lost?

Even the most well-meaning seeker can be led astray by the mountain of misinformation out there around this concept we call “Purpose” - how do you know when you’ve finally found it? Can you screw it up? Are you being judged on your performance?

Master Intuitive and Soul Language expert Jennifer Urezzio wrote this tell-all guide (and you can also download the audio version too) to set you free from the myths surrounding the Divine’s plan for you, limiting beliefs disguised as logic, and well-meaning advice that keeps you disconnected from yourself. 

It’s time to give a microphone to that part inside you that suspects you’re closer to your Purpose than you think - but dares you to consider “That’s Not Your F$%ing Purpose!