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Butterfly Method

We all can get lost or stuck in the creative process.


    • there are just too many projects,
    • the results fall short of what we desire.
    • we just can’t bring life to our ideas,
    • we just can’t seem to birth any of our projects.
    • and sometimes, we can’t even get started on our projects.


Have you ever experienced having too many projects going all at once and conducting busy work, just so you feel you are doing something?

I certainly have.

And that’s why I have created The Butterfly Method to help myself and others align the creative process and bring more balance and Soul into the creative expression.

There are 4 stages of a butterfly and by utilizing these four stages, you will understand where you are in the creative process and what gets to happen next.


Utilizing the deep understanding of your Soul via your Soul Language team through a series of conscious questions, you will be able to move your creative projects along to successful completion and receiving.

After using the Butterfly Method:

  • you will understand where you get stuck in the creative process,
  • you will have a way to move through and let go of outdated creation patterns,
  • you will begin to receive from your creations.

The Butterfly Method might be a structure that you need to sustain and provide you with answers to receive from your creations (and remember, the answers are already inside of you)!