Releasing Trapped Emotions For Empaths

It's ok to see the world through someone else's eyes but you can hold onto their emotions. As an empath, you are more than likely feeling everything, and often may not be able to analyze your emotions. It is important that you understand what is yours and what may be another’s, and know how to process your own emotions.

When we are holding onto someone else’s emotions and not processing our own it results in misalignment and creates a separation from ourselves and our Divine power.

As an empath, you require easy on-the-go tools and techniques. You require processes to support the release of trapped emotions which allow you to understand what your abilities are and how to utilize them to support your life purpose.

This download e-book - Checking Your Emotions As An Empath - includes two tools to support you with releasing the overwhelm that absorbing negative emotions can create in your life by consuming your precious time and energy.


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I've never seen a healer like Jennifer before! Very straightforward, right to the core, and gentle at bye same time. She gave me exercises to do, which I'm finding to be very helpful in releasing doubts and fears that I've dealt with all my life. The identification of the soul tone was so accurate and really spoke to me. It gave me a good idea of how to make use of the information and move forward without fear! Thank you so much Jennifer for your advice and kindness.

-Sunayana SP

About Jennifer Urezzio

Jennifer is the founder of Soul Language – a paradigm that puts tangibility to Soul so a conscious connection can be established to enable crystal clear decisions for success. Jennifer is also a master intuitive and the author of two best-selling books. Currently, she has trained over 30 practitioners worldwide in Soul Language. Currently, there are over 5,000 individuals all over the world connecting to their Soul Languages.