Healing The Inner Child of the Warrior

What do your inner child and I have in common? We both want you to have what you desire, but I'm offering you the opportunity to get that consciously

Often in childhood, we can feel powerless, and for warriors that feeling creates a cascade of trauma which causes a rift between the child and the adult that you are now.

This results in patterns and feelings behind the scenes that are running your life and creates chaos instead of the freedom and peace you crave.

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The untamed inner child of a warrior can create:

  • Feelings of frustration
  • Becoming angry at the littlest thing
  • Feeling as if you aren’t getting what you want
  • Starting something and abandoning it, and then berating yourself for quitting
  • Needing to win and feeling defeated when you don’t get the praise you are seeking
  • Having to always push yourself
  • Fear of being vulnerable or sharing your feelings because you don’t feel safe or want to appear weak
  • Feeling responsible for other people’s well-being and happiness

A powerless inner child will create its own power structure, leading to war in your relationships, money, success, and living your purpose fully.

During this five-week interactive program, we will explore how your warrior energy’s inner child is reacting to your experience, and how to move into a deeper sense of harmony.

At the conclusion of this program, you will be able to utilize your warrior energy in a more co-creative way and feel powerful in all experiences and situations. The end result will be you receiving what you want without having to make war, sacrifice something, or feel guilty.






90-minute for 5-weeks

Tuesday, June 6th- July 11th (no class July 4th)

4:00 pm PT, 5:00 pm MT, 6:00 pm CT, and 7:00 pm ET


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Jennifer has changed my life! She helps me see patterns that have been holding me back for years. And she gives me tools to help me shift my focus and beliefs. Every area of my life and business has improved due to our work together. I am grateful beyond words.

Desiree Stafford 

Working with Jen was emotional, empowering, and connected dots that had been lingering for years. I immediately began putting into practice all I learned. The results were astounding.

Jen Moff

Wonderful process! I’ve worked with Jennifer for 5 weeks now, and her system has been eye-opening, inspiring, and deeply healing. I feel more connected to the Divine and my higher self on a daily basis. Thank you, Jennifer! You are a true healer.

Ginger Nash


Getting To Know Your Inner Child

As warriors, we tend to bury our feelings and move forward, often not fully listening to our inner child. During this class, we will begin to know, accept, and understand the inner child warrior and determine what that part wants and needs.

The Inner Child and Safety

What did your inner child warrior learn or understand about safety as a child? What patterns can be rewritten to create a deeper sense of safety no matter what the experience or situation?

The Inner Child and Joy

So often, inner child work supports you in reconnecting to the joy of childhood experiences. Not everyone experienced joy in childhood, and if you instead experienced trauma as a child you could be stuck on overprotecting yourself and others. Also, as warrior inner children, we must accept that joy isn’t weak and learn the benefits of feeling and being in joy and play.

The Inner and Receiving

What did the inner child warrior learn about giving and receiving? Growing up we often learned to self-sacrifice so that others would feel loved, safe, or supported. During this class, we will relearn what true giving and receiving is, and begin to harness the power of the warrior to receive as much as we give.

The Inner Child Way Forward

During this final class, we will determine what structures can support us on an ongoing basis, and what your inner child requires moving forward to keep the new relationship productive and ever-deepening.